Friday, December 9, 2011

Attention Readers - Reader Feedback

Within reason I post pretty much whatever I want so long as those who help maintain this site are convinced I haven't completely gone overboard. To that end, I will never post anything that is deliberately harmful to anyone regardless of whatever laws are in place. I'm not a mean person in the slightest. Determined, head strong, and really random. That's about it.

Posts are usually constructed in a manner that is supported by user feedback. Comments, instant messages, emails.  And I will stick to that method because the more I try to please though who do provide me with feedback, the more my visitor count goes up. Even my more objectionable posts were supported by an overwhelming majority. It's for this reason I am not inclined nor feel an obligation to ever edit or remove content from a post. 

To address the small minority of users who gave certain feedback.

To put this in perspective those were the stats for the month of November*. Those numbers have only grown. I receive emails about this site everyday. Minimally 4, the most about 73. If you include instant messages, I received less than 50 correspondences asking me to remove or edit the post about mysticmaggie. I did the math, it's less than 1/10 of the total correspondences I ever received. For those that still contact me requesting the content be removed or edited, my answer is under one condition, I'm sure you know what my condition is and it has not been met, I will not even consider the request. Especially since AGE knows the law is on my side.

I made a post about SailorSpira on December 5th. It's less than 15 minutes shy of December 10th where I live and I've received only one correspondence requesting I remove/edit the content. I have on the other hand received 73 correspondences of an Anti - SailorSpira nature. These emails include everything from how she's an evil person to "are you sure the poll is anonymous and that even you can't see who posted." (One reader suggested I was a game sage spy and that I was sending AGE community volunteers the results of this site.) Under no circumstance will that post be removed or edited. To quote AGE customer service: our decision is final and there will be no further room to debate the issue. Please see section 12. Well in this case please read the Comment Policy.

For the small number of readers who took offense to the posts in question, I can offer you this bit of info: I didn't make posts about SailorSpira and mysticmaggie for fun or without justification. If you firmly believe they are good people, you should ask them if I posted anything false. 

Moving on, I am in the process of "constructing the site" as some of you may have noticed. At the moment the only pages that will be modified between now and the next eight days are the GS BS, About, and possibly the Bad Experiences page. Since the changes will mostly effect content, at some point I might either by email or a poll, asking about the kind of content you want to see. (Emails will be sent to those who contacted me and indicated they didn't mind being contacted about changes to the site.) 

*By November 30th, this post had received 303 visits. Hard to believe I know.


  1. You also forgot to add:

    Demented, deluded into self-importance, ego-maniacal, and maybe a few others I can't bother to remember right now.

  2. lol. what's really funny is that the people talking s*** are the same ones that probably have this page bookmarked. I play lc and i found this page cause a friend sent me a link to it. i subscribe cause this is some funny s***. those people msytic and sailorspiral shouldn't complain cause i read the aeria privacy policy. lol. they're gs. they should have known better that there was bound to be a hater at some point. ''we like helping people''. that's crap and they know it. they get to be gs for the ap. they should've read about the haters and people that wouldn't like them. and they should have read the rules about posting personal information. it's they own fault. and you, you're a hater too cause you don't like what she posted. then why read it? why bother to comment? that's just stupid.
    tulio ignore the haters and keep posting. they don't like it then forget them. the only reason they got a problem with what you post is cause they know that everything you said was true.

  3. To the guy above me: You should invest in some grammar and spelling lessons... >.>

  4. i didn't spell anything wrong. you just mad cause i speak the truth

  5. @ Anonymous #1: Descarte would argue the many facets of a person's current personality, habits and quirks are constantly changing. What you think I was may not be what I am.

    @ Anonymous #2, #4: tulio?

    @ Anonymous #3: I was perhaps more shocked than you when I saw the comments on this page. I think shocked is the right emotion.

  6. Before I begin, I'd like to state that I've been a proud member of the Aeria community for over 3 years.

    Rene Descartes was a 17th century philosopher with no actual psychological background. While quite a few of his writings may hold true, they are rarely used in modern-day practice.

    I think I'm beginning to grasp on why you're writing these blogs. The main reason isn't to spread any "truths" as you may see them. It's to make you feel special.

    Because you get so many readers and comments on your blogs, you feel that you have risen to a form of celebrity status, even though your views are completely bias (like Fox News.) This has led you into the delusion that you are important, and the people that read and comment on these are little more than food to that delusion of self-importance.

    While you claim that you care about your readers and supporters, these blogs are based almost entirely off of your own personal experiences with Aeria. This leads me to believe that you are entirely self-centered and may be suffering from a form of egomania.

    You also seem to be suffering from a case of Paranoia, in the fact that you also believe that everyone is out to get you, at any time, for any reason. While this may or may not be the case, your attitude and the way you also treated people, both in-game and on the forums, is giving them good reason not to like you.

    Given what you said in your latest response, it's possible you may also be suffering from either mild multiple-personality disorder, or a severe form of PTSD, or both. Either of which will affect your reasoning and/or judgment, as well as your ability to effectively communicate your views in a constructive and healthy manner. Common signs of Dementia.

    I'm not here to hate on you. I've read every single one of your blogs that have been posted on this site. I believe that the way you are going about this is unhealthy, and if you do not find another means of getting your feelings out, you may very well become a danger to both yourself and those around you.

    Should you continue to write these blogs (which I can assume you will,) I would recommend using a little less bias, and more objectivity. I would also highly recommend that you seek immediate psychological help in your local area, to see if they can help you deal with your own inner demons from the past, and give you the ability to cope with ones that will come your way in the future.

  7. Legal personnel and some others suggested I blog about my experience.

    Throughout my life this is the 6th blog I've ever maintained. According to yahoo and google, three of my other blogs are far more successful than this one and two of those three have been running for years and will be running well into 2012 apparently. This blog has less than 50 comments and less than 50 posts. I have three other blogs with well over a hundred comments. I have one blog that has well over 250 posts.

    I don't maintain this blog to feel special. I maintain it because in the past six weeks this blog has given me a chance to meet other people that have experienced some of the things I have. We talk, commiserate, come up with new/better coping mechanisms, and provide a certain amount of camaraderie that gold old fashioned suffering in solitude just can't compete with.

    As for the contents of the blog... most of the current posts are indeed based off my personal experiences with AGE. But at least 4 of the currently published posts were the result of the combined efforts of 2+ people. Two of the current posts were written because readers asked me to post a segment of a certain nature. While this site may be biased, I can assure you that it is definitely fueled by reader feedback. That's part of the reason some parts of the site are being edited. I want this blog to reflect more than just my views; I want it to reflect the views of people that contribute to it.

    As for my health.... I encourage Big Pharm companies enough already. I appreciate the concern though.

    PS: if i really wanted to feel special as a result of this blog, I assure you this blog wouldn't be ad free and there wouldn't be a subscribe function. I receive threatening emails weekly and emails from people that like to dissect me cell by cell in an attempt to belittle me for the content. I appreciate all of my readers. Even the ones that read it but don't like the content. It convinces me I'm on the right track.