Friday, December 2, 2011

Three two Infinity

In my time playing Shaiya I came to have toons on every server, predominantly Lailah and Teos. I played Shaiya for almost two years. During that time I amassed three things that I'll cherish for ever: an infinite number of friends; 13,491 screenshots of guildies, friends, and other visions of random wonder; the privilege of representing three different guilds full of people I often still consider family. KnightsofAnarchy (Teos Light), Devil Dogs (Lailah Fury), and TheBloodGuard (Lailah Light). 

It's not often you see so many elven archers and rangers gathered in the same place at once. But don't we look hot

Unfortunately Cujo was eating someone so he couldn't join us for the family picture

The very first guild I joined was KnightsofAnarchy. By accident. I was supposed to join Foxfire Academy like most of my friends I'd been grinding with at the time. But when I went to the Firefox Academy website, I read the about us page and joined knightsofanarchy instead because I liked the name. It sounds like a silly reason to join a guild and perhaps not the smartest thing I ever did but I don't harbor any regrets. it was one of the best decisions I'd ever made and if I had the chance to do it again, I would. That's how much I loved the people I aligned myself with. That's how much I came to trust the people I called guildies. I learned to love them, even the ones more random than myself and in most cases, I came to love them as much as I love some of my real life friends. I still feel strongly about them even though some are angry or disappointed with me because of some of my actions.  

Knightsofanarchy,one of the longest running and still running guilds on Teos, was founded on friendship, loyalty and only wanted members who were big on having loads of fun. Led by [GS]PraxiaDiealot, has and probably will always be a relatively safe place for all kinds of players, except the naughty ones of course. I am fortunate to have come across a group of people that could accept me for the mess of hormones that I am.

It is with a heavy heart that I have delayed this post. This is the first post thus far to have been proof read by two people besides myself. I have removed the names of all guildies in the pictures to prevent them any of them from being met with censure. I was in game recently and I understand that a number of them have gotten wind of the negative attitudes some people have towards this blog and thus myself. Next post will be out within 36 hours of the publication of this one.

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  1. That is one sexy Archer from Lailah. Woof :P
    -Auri ;)