Bad Experiences

While a customer may not always be right, they do have rights. Depending on the location of the company that provided the service you could have some options in the way of sharing your experience with others, communicating with the company about why those experiences occurred, and hopefully coming to a resolution to the problem. In the case of Aeria Games & Entertainment....

1. File a BBB complaint. Filing a complaint gives you the chance to use a third party service to mediate communication between you and any company.

2. Post a review about your experience on the Trustlink site. Whether it's a good review or bad you are voicing your experiences with current and potential customers and AGE can see what they are or aren't right.

3. File a consumer report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

4. Depending on the nature of your bad experience it is possible you may have cause to file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ic3)

5. File a complaint with the attorney general for the state the business is located in. In this case, California.

6. If you live in the United States, and have made it to step 5, you should consider also filing a complaint with the attorney general of your state. While the company may not be located in your state, they are authorized to do business in your state if you were able to use their services. 

Aeria Games Contact Information
2475 Augustine Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054
Suite 103
(408) 216 - 1107
Brian Lewis (superman0x) / current community manager

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