Aeria Games & Entertainment is a subsidiary company under Aeria Japan. The person responding to your tickets is an AGE employee. The person on the forums and in game with a distinguishing username/title is either an AGE employee or a Game Sage (community volunteer). Game Sages are not employees. Employees receive a pay check, Game Sages receive other things for their services. Are game sages any more exempt from Terms of Service than you? The answer is "they shouldn't be".

The designated tag for community volunteer does not necessarily mean that a player actually is one. Supposedly the person responsible for tagging people who are deserving a special tag is Brian Lewis. Because of his busy schedule it is possible that he may not untag a recently removed community volunteer right away. This also means that just because a person does not have tags does not mean they do not have access to private AGE forums. My understanding is that the two things are unrelated. The reverse can also be true where you are tagged but do not have access to certain information that normally comes with the tags.

Community volunteers have access to a certain wealth of information not normally available to other AGE customers. They are also aware of some of the inner workings at AGE and may have less than formal contact with AGE employees. 

For example, if you log on to the Aeria Games forums you'll see sub forums for all the games they offer. Game Sages see all of this and at least one other section of the forum regulated by AGE employees. This would be the "Community Volunteer" section. Community volunteers usually swap contact information with AGE employees so that they can contact them as they are available without needing to sending a ticket to speak to them.

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  1. Does a game sage get free ap? just asking. Im curious. ^^ I want to apply for game sage in wolftea, tyvm.