Friday, March 16, 2012


So I gave you guys an update on what I've been up and now I want to share with you the things visitors had to say.

What Happened to the Game Sage Application?

I received 47 correspondences telling me about the game sage application. I'm sure I had nothing to do with the changes made to the game sage application and I don't think I ever went into detail about the game sage application process. But still I'll entertain theories as to why the application is significantly shorter than it has been in the past. Thus far, we're thinking that GM Leo, the new guy that's responsible for the GS team, has a reading disability and has difficulty reading long blocks of texts. We're also juggling the possibility that those responsible for reading GS applications and approving applicants, are lazy and don't feel like reading so many applications.

I have no idea if any of those things are true but rather than focus on the why of how it came to be let's look at the end result. While the application is shorter there's no reason you can't find a worthwhile applicant. It's likely that the applicant with a single sentence that reads I want to be a GS because I like helping people is going to sound like they plagiarized at least three other applicants. And those applicants who give the line "I was a GS in the past" are not necessarily going to be a shoo in since past gses aren't guaranteed to have been model players or ideal Game Sages.

If there's only one question on the application and no word limit go into detail about all the reasons you think you'd make a good Game Sage. One person went so far as to complain and rant to me about why the GS team is a mockery. I thought I was polite when I told them to send a ticket about their concerns. The person then asked me 'how'. And now I'll publicly say the GS team should be considered a joke and a mockery since that's what's been since before when the application was lengthier.

Tactics' Back So Hopefully You Won't Need to Blog Anymore

Was there a need for my blog before he rejoined the Shaiya team in some way? Probably. On the other hand, since I did admit I've already achieved most of the goals I laid out when I started this blog, I've decided to take it in a different direction in the future. Yes I am capable of adapting. Survival of the blogger. Yay! Five people or one person with multiple emails voiced their concerns about the atmosphere of Shaiya, everything from the players, events, the web item mall, and the forums which look new but have the same old problems. They also told me that having Tactics might improve the situation. I have no idea if it will improve the situation whatever the situation is.

I probably wouldn't have mentioned this were it not for the correspondence that said "Tactics is back and he's gonna spank you for your blog." As appealing as that sounds, I'm certain Tactics and I are taking rain checks.

Send a Ticket Please

A number of people sent me ticket like correspondences. Date, screenshot, time problem occurred, details about the problem, suggestions or requests to be made to certain in game items that pertain to Lime Odyssey players, Shaiya merchandise, Eden Eternal, and DoMO job occupations.

My favorite of these correspondences was the person who sent me seven emails, each one angrier than the last about perfect linking hammers (PLH). I responded to the seventh one even though the problem had kinda fixed itself by the time I responded. But the person sent a response to my reply. I hope the person does not mind but I'm copying and pasting their response and throw in a bit of humor.

Oh my god! Finally you responded. You my dawg though you fixed my plh. I ain't even mad at you no more. Why you take so long to respond? That billdoor ain't know crap about what he talking about and he ain't do stuff. But you real as dope. You should be a gs, hell you should run shaiya, you know what time it is. What server you play on and what's your name?

 (I edited out the curse words and fixed the spelling.) 
But I just want to reiterate right now that at this time, I don't use AGE services and haven't since before I began this blog. Everyone reading this, please know that I have never worked for AGE, will never work for AGE, and have never been a Game Sage. If you have a problem with an AGE service please submit a ticket to them requesting support or whatever. Though the ticket system is flawed, the people reading tickets are robots, every so often tickets do help. And no, I did nothing to change the PLH problem or whatever. 

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