Friday, December 16, 2011

The Customer is Always Right

I actually don't believe the customer is always right. I just thought it would make for an awesome title. Especially given the things that have weighed heavily on my mind recently concerning this site.

Someone suggested I change the content of this site because it portrays Aeria Games in a rather negative manner. Maybe that customer was a little bit right for making the suggestion. Does that mean I'm a little bit wrong if I don't oblige him? Most likely not. I maintain this site as a service. It's free so you take it or leave it. If you don't like the content you should stop using the service. If you cannot abide by the rules that accompany your right to use the service then you should stop using the service. And then it hit me. That's the same logic Aeria Games & Entertainment probably employs. Their service is free. You take it as it is or you leave. Although they have a bit of fine print called a Terms of Service. Their service is free and will be provided to you as long as you obey the rules set forth. That sounds reasonable. Except this site wouldn't be around if AGE employees were capable of adhering to the Terms of Service they uphold customers to.

But I'm not AGE. I actually don't have any rules aside from those set forth on the comment policy. I post content with the intent of it being read. If I didn't have readers and visitors this would amount to nothing more than an online journal. But I do have readers and visitors. Their presence is a sign that people use my service. And since this site does explicitly target the customer service of a company, the least I can do is provide better customer service. So I'm going oblige a vast number of readers who've sent me emails requesting that I change the content enough so that I don't appear as a 'disgruntled customer banned for hacking that thinks a game sage banned them.' As I said in a previous post, this is the season to be giving so starting tomorrow I will add seemingly random humorous posts about AGE that will focus primarily on a fictious AGE customer service representative or maybe a game sage.

Yes It did take me almost a day and a half to come up with that solution to the 18 or so emails I received in the past two days concerning that little issue.

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