Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodbye & Good Riddance [GS]PraxiaDiealot

Amidst rumors that my blog is the cause for ripples throughout the Shaiya gs/gm team such that game sages are losing their tags without any reason, I’m going to do a little experiment.

In the near future, SailorSpira/[GS]PraxiaDiealot plans to take a break from being a game sage. It’s my understanding she told other Game Sages this much in their private forums. Of course she also notified members of her guild of her intentions as well (although she did give them a reason). As a former Shaiya player as well as a former officer of her guild, it's reasonable for me to show her my gratitude for all she has done. 

Per the request of readers, and in honor of Morgan taking a step back for awhile and because I'd like to give current AGE employees/community volunteers time to figure out how to punish me this time because of the posts I will publish on this site, we're going to reminisce about dear old Morgan's contributions to the AGE community. 

As a result of the kinds of content that will be published the next few days and because of feedback I have received recently, this week you will see a little more panache, pomp & flare, and spunk in the posts. That and because we're supposed to be celebrating we're pulling out all of the stops. Expect to see polls, games, mock interviews and perhaps a guest writer. We would also like to prevent unnecessary distress so we will issue a warning (this post) and alert readers who did not like posts concerning mysticmaggie to not read the next few posts. Tomorrow's post will concern [GS]PraxiadDiealot's acting career. If you believe you can not stomach that kind of content, please do not read tomorrow's post.

And here's our very first poll of the week!! The question is simple: Was SailorSpira/[GS]PraxiaDiealot a good or bad game sage? Don't worry, you can vote anonymously.

Thanks to my helpers, I have been assured of three things: the poll works, you can only vote one time, and votes are indeed anonymous. (If for whatever reason you need to edit your choice, you can select the "Change your vote" option below the available answer choices.)

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