Friday, December 9, 2011

Interview with a Gamer Part I

I apologize for the delay with this post. It was supposed to publish at a certain time.... I chose the wrong time.

Recently we sent out questionnaires to 80 readers. We asked them a wide range of questions that covered anything about this site, AGE customer service, games they play, and legal stuff. Let's get this ball rolling.

How often do you visit any website associated with Aeria Games? Aeria Games Customer Support is not maintained by Aeria Games.
  • Never
  • Sometimes if there's a promotion
  • If it's maintenance and I don't have anything to do
  • Only if a google search takes me to a AGE page.
Are you aware of the Aeria Games Terms of Service?
  • I read most of the EULA when I was installing Eden Eternal
  • Never saw it and don't need to. I figure it covers basic rules of netiquette.
  • Yes.
  • Not yet.
If you saw something wrong with an AGE service/product how would you voice your opinion?
  • I'd tell a game sage.
  • It depends on the problem. If it was a glitch I'd tell a friend. If it was about something someone else did, I'd probably tell a friend. I don't know. There's probably a better way to get a problem fixed. I guess it depends on who you know. One of my best friends is a game sage so I'd probably tell her first and see what she says.
  • I don't know. I might talk to my friends and see what they think.
  • Send a ticket.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to respond to number of readers who contacted me about being more involved with the audience. A number of people thought a mock interview would be fun. A number of people suggested an interview with someone that is part of the AGE community. For reasons completely unknown to me, no one currently associated with AGE in any capacity wants to have too much contact with me or anyone affiliated with this blog. The three community volunteers I am still on speaking terms with wanted to see the result of the questionnaire before they considered it. (And yes they did receive a copy of the questionnaire and it is possible at least one of their answers appears in this post.) 

The questions posted were not selected entirely by random. The answers were randomly selected out of all the answers provided to the question. It is likely that the person who answered one question did not give the same answer to the next question shown. Because I'm lazy and I'm not big on wasting paper to write names on slips of paper and picking them out of  a hat, I used a program called MATLAB. The answers shown today reflect the portion of the AGE community that reads my blog and is in no way suggestive of how any proportion of AGE actually would respond to the questions shown.

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