Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Service Interruption - Liking and Anonymity

Yes well part of the reason I’ve been gone awhile was because of holiday festivities and annoying but loveable family members coming over. 

The other part of the reason has to do with a number of small problems that when combined gave me a rather large headache. First several someones suggested I provide links to facebook and twitter complete with the little icons and Like buttons. Second, I decided I hate twitter and facebook because my ability to use either and get the buttons to work are going to be the death of me. Third when we did get the buttons working I didn’t like the buttons and or they malfunctioned. The fourth problem to arise was the numerous twitter spammers that follow you while linking to adult content on the internet. Oh the wonders of new technology. I give it a week to have it all working smoothly or I'm going back to the North Pole to beg Santa to give me one more Christmas wish: code that works and does what I want.

In other news I spent a small part of my time today (roughly 45 minutes) trying to figure out the best way to respond to a comment someone willingly posted for all the world to see.
On the one hand I want to answer the question. On the other I feel the need to address the other pressing issues. If you want to know if Game Sages receive Aeria Points (AP) you should ask another game sage, submit a ticket (which may take a short while to wait), or check out this link. The second thing I want to address is that if you have an account with Aeria Games and want to do something as public as apply for the position of community volunteer, you probably shouldn't post using the same name as your Aeria Games account. I enabled posting anonymous so people could post anonymously without the fear of any repercussions that may arise as a result of visiting this site and or providing me with certain content.

To answer the question in plain English and with as little bias as possible... Game Sages receive AP for the work they prove they've done. They receive AP for in game support, support on the forums and for doing events. To prove they've done the work, normally they take a great deal of screenshots, submit it to Game Masters who later review it and then dole out the appropriate amount of AP for that month's work. It may sound like a lot of work but if you write up a week's worth of proof of work, it's less of a burden as opposed to waiting to the end of the month to put it altogether. 

It may all sound simple but games sages normally invest a lot of time into helping people and that could result in numerous screenshots, much time away from game and other customers in need, and sometimes isn't quite justifiable by the amount of AP they do receive. On the other hand, there are other perks that could make it seem a tad bit more appealing. I'm certain that if I said something incorrect someone will contact me and I'll clear up any misunderstandings to the best of my ability.

In any case, it's possible Wolfteam Game Sages do things similarly. That method seems the most plausible. But different games, slightly different mechanics, perhaps a different way of doing things.

Side Note:
The GMFailure post received a lot of feedback for reasons I can't explain. Such that GMFailure will appear weekly at minimum.

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