Sunday, December 4, 2011

Service Interruption: Human Error

In the middle of July I made a formal request for a change to the Terms of Service in a ticket. I posted the results in this thread so the community could see why the change would not occur.

The person who responded to my ticket made a typo that I took grave offense to. It was a mistake they later tried to apologize for. Regardless, I'd already acted on my human nature and chose to post the ticket information. Subsequently, my post was removed, the thread was locked, and I was banned for posting "private information". They can say whatever they want, I know I was banned for human error. A human being responding to a ticket in a less than truthful manner, and human that I am, I reacted in a human manner.

As a result of some of my posts pertaining to the issue, a number of rumors sprang up about my ideologies and feelings towards feminism. I've addressed most of them before but I'll address it again. This time in verse because I'm feeling a little bit spunky.

I am a feminist. I love myself because I am a girl since before I was born and I am comfortable with my anatomical parts. I don't hate people with balls Though they are a common feature amongst most neanderthals. I don't think being able to give birth makes me superior to a man though Lord knows the day a man bleeds from his genitals and experiences PMS, God will be known as an angry vicious goddess. I don't think a woman is always right. But I prefer an insane chick any day over the alternative: the woman with no voice or will is wrong all the time. I believe that men and women are very different. But they deserve equal treatment when striving to achieve the same goals. I'm not a feminist because I think there's a gender related injustice lurking around every corner. I'm a feminist because I love me, and would hate to  suffer the inequalities and indignities that some women in the world live through. If loving my gender is wrong, and wanting to know I can go anywhere without fear of what will happen to me because in some places having ovaries is a liability then I want to see a male beauty pageant work really hard to achieve world peace.

Now that I've addressed that issue I'd like to address a concern a few people have voiced. Tomorrow I will resume my postings as a disgruntled gamer. You may rest easy knowing that I'll revert back to my  "Anti AGE" rantings.


  1. You said yourself that you were banned for posting private information. Which, an RT (and subsequent responses) is. While the typo is obvious, it doesn't take a grammar genius to understand where a punctuation mark should be, and see it there.

    No offense, but taking offense to something so small and blowing it out of proportion is kind of childish in my opinion >.>

  2. i'm not complaining about the ban. I never even submitted a ban appeal about it. Oh wait... I sent in a ticket asking for the thread to be unlocked. Your opinion is duly noted.