Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Notification of Temporary Service Interruption

I was sorely tempted to put up a “Page Not Found404” or a “site under construction” sign but I can’t really conjure up a good reason to do that. That and if I did do such a thing, I wouldn’t be able to give readers a reason why I will be absent for the next nine days. The simple answer is because of health reasons there’s a very limited number of things I can do in my current condition. Posting regularly is not an option.  Not that I have done much posting anyways recently because of the holiday. Sorry guys. Give me about nine days and hopefully I’ll be good as new. 

I probably will be able to respond to comments and emails assuming I have regular access to a phone and my doctor doesn’t think I’m over taxing myself but I’d like to address what I expect the two most common questions will be after this post goes up (to hopefully decrease the number of comments and emails): what is wrong with my health and why 9 days.

Due to holiday festivities and weather, my sleep wake cycle became disrupted and because of medication I take for a neurological disorder I was more susceptible to more serious side effects and experienced two of them early this morning and needed immediate medical treatment. As of this post, which I’m about to upload using a cell phone (cause modern day technology is just that awesome), I am still in the hospital and should be released sometime between the next 2-4 days depending on what the doctor says. Within nine days I should be back in the comfort of my own home and will be able to monitor the site. Of course, if I’m feeling better sooner then I will start posting sooner. Though if I don’t get real food instead of this IV garbage I seriously doubt I will ever get better.

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