Friday, January 6, 2012

Notification of Service Reinstatement

I'm not 100% but I'm getting there. Anyhoo, it's time for a round of thank yous. Thank you to everyone who wished me well. Thank you to everyone who provided me with entertainment while I was getting better. And a special thanks to all who continue to read this and have waited patiently for this post. 
To kick off my first post in over a week, I want to show you things people said made them think of my site or things people thought would look good on my site for whatever reason. 

I warn you some the videos you are about to see will make you some think about the state of the world we live in. 


I saw this on a forum and showed it to a friend who showed it to another friend who eventually read my blog. After that awesome display of networking my friend said this video would've been great for this post

If you've read that post you know that I know gender discrimination does exist in online gaming communities. I'm aware of the things people can say about this video cause I've read the comments left on the video's youtube page and have engaged in discussions about it. Thus far, no one has persuaded me from my belief that this video rocks. Regardless of the intent, it sends the message that gender discrimination is a problem in gaming communities and that you need to leave some of your prejudices at the door before you game. At least that's my interpretation. The other thing people need to consider is that in this age where social networking is growing, exactly how many videos out there address this issue as it pertains to video games? Even if it's not the first, you can see the result of the effort of multiple girls collaborating to put this together. If nothing else this video exemplifies the great things that can be accomplished with the internet.

The video pertains to internet usage. May I present the SOPA issue which could possibly already be in effect

A friend showed me this and it made me think of all the visitors who told me they were glad they moved to a private server or were thankful for having already moved to a private server for some game or other. I don't advocate private servers for a number of reasons and if you don't want to watch the entire video to understand the relevance (or if you're a gamer) skip to 9:32. 

I know many people who use AGE services. When I finished listening to the video I laughed my heart out because I realized that even when I was an AGE customer you saw any number of threads by customers who used private servers, community volunteer applicants who openly admitted to using private servers, a number of threads created by AGE employees advocating why you shouldn't use private servers, etc. While this blog was created to shed light on how horrible AGE's customer service is, it would seem as though that isn't the only area of their service lacking.

PS: I'm still under the weather but it feels good to have gotten a post published after so long.

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