Monday, January 16, 2012

Return of the GM Menace

As promised I'll show the ban notice I received while I was attending a seminar for a few days.

Now I've sent any number of tickets during my time with AGE and I've received more than my fair share of ban notices courtesy of AGE's wonderfully unbiased customer service representatives but this was the first time I received a ticket with additional information. And It goes without saying that I was shocked to have received this notice since I had recently served a ban acquired while reporting a game sage for harassment and stalking, and since I hadn't used their services in at least three days because I had to go to a conference for a seminar.

 Previously I began polling visitors who indicated they wouldn't be adverse to receiving emails. Some of the questions asked pertained to the ban appeal process. I just figured I'd tell you that AGE seems to be very successful at banning persons that break the rules, given that all the people I asked who indicated they were banned never were able to successfully appeal the ban.

Stick around to see what happened when I attempted to appeal this ban and to find out why I had received the ban.

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