Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Service Interruption: New Leads

tulaovilo (50820765) sent a message using the contact form at

Subcategory: Report Behavior

Offender's Character Name: Community Volunteers and Aeria Employees

Proof of offense:


I have a blog (aeriagamessupport.blogspot.com). Because of the items I've posted on a medium AGE does not control, accounts I don't use have been banned for "harassment". Since I have no desire to use AGE services in the future because of poor customer service and the lies AGE employees and AGE
community volunteers have spread about me (amongst other things), I would like to know why that page exists. My actions did not happen across an AGE medium and because there is nothing AGE can do about it, I find that thread and the action of AGE employees to be in violation of AGE's terms of service. (Please bare in mind that no one is forcing persons affiliated with AGE to read my blog.)

While items I post on my blog may seem questionable, everything posted is legal. As AGE employees and community volunteers they should know that and should act in a manner befitting their position; not act like immature children in private forums by posting items they believe no one will see. In the future please read the AGE privacy policy and understand that AGE cannot be blamed or held accountable for items a person willingly posts (voluntary disclosure). Additionally AGE cannot can be held accountable for content that appears on a third party site (Terms of service) since they cannot control content on a third party site.

Please deactivate/delete this account. I don't want Superman0x to tell me I made this account to "further harass customers."

I want to say something along the lines of stay tuned to see what a GM had to say, but for the purposes of keeping you on the edge of your seat I'll settle for: Do you want to know what former [GS]iMad told [GM]iGullible?

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