Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Service Interruption - Lack of Decorum & Condolences

My previous post was published before I realized I hadn't provided visitors with what I thought would be enough background information. I considered a retraction until I read a disturbing email last night about the passing of a Shaiya Game Sage.

Last night's post and some future posts were meant to detail the incompetence, lack of professionalism, immaturity and irrational actions of AGE customer service representatives and community volunteers. (I'm aware my opinion could be biased since I've either dealt with the worst customer service representatives AGE could possibly hire or there's so many horrible customer service representatives that the odds of someone with an understanding of what customer service is are just that low. I'm banking on it being the latter since I will admit to having received good customer service from AGE at one time.) I choose to focus on the negative aspect of their customer service because for well over a year that's all I've experienced with them as a customer and even as a non customer. Yes, because even though I have stopped using AGE services, without any provocation on my part, they send me notifications because [GS]iCantBelieveShePostedThat whispered to [GM]Bella or whoever the newest version of [GM]iGullible happens to be. So I wanted to go out of my way to show readers exactly how GMs choose to spend their time instead of working towards helping customers that actually want their service.

Last night before I went to sleep, I found an email from someone that blamed me for the death of [GS]Kzzd. I read all correspondences in regards to this blog and I respond to all of them to the best of my ability; however, last night's is still unanswered and I have no idea how to even begin a response. I feel I must address the issue lest the sender of that email spread a rumor about my character that less than desirable.

Fact of the matter is, I do not hate game masters and game sages. I choose to blog about my experiences because it enabled me to reach out to other people who have experienced the same negativity I have as a result of online harassment and stalking that in my case was supported by AGE's bad customer service as well as their poor business tactics.

The choice to read my blog is a decision you as a visitor makes. Under no circumstances do I make anyone read the content posted and at no time do I spam a link to my blog on any portion of AGE's website so that it may be visible to AGE's customers. But thanks to the courtesy of mysticmaggie and some others, links to my blog do exist on AGE's private forums. Since I do not and never had access to those forums, if someone at AGE reads it, they do so under the impression that my blog is something they should read according to the people they work with. I have no control over that.  I also do not have any contact with any game sages save for seven who helped me get started with this blog and the few who I believe are worthy of the occasional sneak preview.

In short, I have had no contact with [GS]Kzzd within the past year and would not wish harm to befall anyone at AGE. My sincerest condolences to her friends and family who feel the impact of her passing. While I know very little of [GS]Kzzd, it is my understanding that she was a doting mother, a kind friend and an overall nice person. Or so this is the impression I have obtained by reading some of her posts on AGE forums. As someone that has lost a parent to death and is losing the other to Alzheimer's I know better than some that there is no correct way to grieve and I know grief can take many forms. But the best thing you can do is remember to live. No parent ever wants their loved ones to suffer any moment of sadness or grief.

Best Regards & Wishes
- TulaOvilo


  1. 'I do not hate...'

    With that in mind, how would you describe your outings of [GS]PraxiaDiealot and [GS]Devol? If those aren't personal outbursts of intense dislike towards them, then please, elaborate on what purpose those posts serve beyond showing yourself as bad and amoral as the company whose services you are so discontented with? If your beef is about Aeria service, why resort to personal attacks, making yourself look petty and vindictive against individuals?

    While you might have reasons to believe/proof that both or any of them have been involved in your case, resorting to personal attacks against them, when the policy of Aeria is your main target, is sidetracking the main issue and making you look bad and small-minded, in spite of your eloquent efforts not to. Not to mention mad. And sad. And of course guilty of the exact same things you are accusing others of.

    On the other hand, if you are happy with your conscience and judgement being as tarnished as you accuse those of the mentioned individuals of being, feel free to continue. Those reading your blog should take into account the vast personal bias against single persons you display unabashedly when you at the same time wage a crusade against Aeria policies. You are not the sort of person people should seek out as a friend. Unless they are prepared to have their lives smeared out on the internet if they happen to fall out with you, that is.

    If you want decent treatment, you treat others with decency, and you stick to that policy no matter what flak others give you. That way people even with contrary views to yours will respect you. I am sorry, but you have repeatedly shown that you fail in this respect and thus shown a grave lack of moral backbone.


    1. In spite of my actions, I don’t hate Devol or Prax. I know nothing about Devol except that she harassed me on AGE's public forums/SB because she "disagreed with what I had done" and later told me that making a thread in the report behavior section because of a game sage was wrong. I don't know enough about her to hate her. And as a result of my brief interactions with her I don't want to know her.

      Prax is a different story. For over a year I thought of her as a sister. The last six months of our relationship had been marred with nothing but lies. Do I hate her for that? I should but I don't. In spite of how I felt about her I always believed she was a person who would never under any circumstances want to see someone hurt.

      Yet she 'leaked' supposed 'private' age forums information to the public. Specifically she gave "gs confidential information" to the former gs i reported for harassment and stalking. thankfully for her, forum game sages cleaned up and edited those bits of postings. And thanks to her I now have proof that AGE customer service representatives have been manipulated and are wasting time that could be better spent helping actual customers by doing whatever they can to 'punish' me or stop me from posting in this blog. In spite of this, I can still find good things to say about her. I still admire some of the qualities she has been known for. Difference is I know it's mostly an act. I wish I could hate Prax. I just can't bring myself to.

      Since I have suffered at the hands of the game sage team (not just the Shaiya GS team but also the Forum GS team), I see this as a community problem and an AGE customer service problem. The community should know what Game Sages are capable of. At the same time customers should know that AGE employees don't uphold the Terms of Service they weigh against their actions.

      If you don’t like what I post or cannot believe the truth of what I say perhaps instead of commenting you should submit a ticket to AGE. Though they probably won't tell you the truth in a ticket because those are recorded.... you should send them a private message on the forums since those are not monitored too closely and if they are, they’d have to put in a request through their technical department and that could take awhile.

      As for everything else... I didn't smear anyone's life on the internet. Devol and Prax did that themselves. They acted within accordance to AGE's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. I posted what I did in accordance of the law. And before you accuse me of smearing anyone's life on the web.... Prax has done that to me and at least three other customers. She isn’t even a game sage anymore and she still does it. AGE knew about it since in regards to myself I sent a ticket and then later found that AGE violated my privacy as well with the help of at least five game sages.

      And if you’re attempting to undermine any visitors that do associate with me, you should probably know that everything I said about Prax and Devol was and still is available on the web and not just this blog. Also I did say I’d be open to taking down any content they would want removed if they contacted me… yep. I just checked, I said it at least three times. As for 'flak' others have given me... you should read some of my other pages.

  2. You have no hesitation with using stuff from private exchanges without permission, you have no hesitation of putting people in a negative light without a shred of evidence to back you up. I have been following this blog for two months now.

    A bit of research on yourself will yield quite a lot of interesting material for those who would choose to publish it. But do you know why they don't? Because they have a sense of decency, something you distinctly lack. You do these things because you CAN, not because you SHOULD. The only purpose I can see with this log is for you to satisfy a need to be seen rather than to be heard. Because: there is nothing but allegations and not a single shred of evidence to back you up. Just what you write, mysterious little fragments of screenshots that could easily be photoshopped or point to just about anything, and forum posts taken out of their contexts.

    So why do people not counter your claims? Most likely that because they know that they will need to breech the privacy of others. Not because what is hiding there is necessarily nefarious, but because the stuff written has been stated within the confines of a trust. Something you are obviously quite incapable of upholding yourself.


  3. hmm.... your reply wasn't removed it was edited because it contained content that gave away "spoilers."

    But in response to your post (both of them), you don't have to read the blog. As for items you don't see in posts... read some of the pages. Some of the content you believe I haven't posted has been provided on external webpages since I didn't intend for this blog to be 18+.

    As for why I post the things that I do or why... if you have to ask you haven't been reading this blog... I've already fulfilled some of the goals for this blog as I indicated awhile ago. I get the impression that you know me...hmm

  4. Well indeed, spoilers? For asking people to run some checks on you online? Yeah, I think that might spoil a thing or two.


  5. If that is indeed the case, think how the people mentioned in this thread and innocents hurt by it might have felt when you outed them in this manner. Time to get off your moral high horse - you are about to have your saddle cut out from underneath you.


  6. This isn't a thread. it's a blog. Please read the about page to see what I made it. As for innocents... I haven't "outted" anyone that was innocent. That's a contradiction.

    Anyways, you remind me of a guy I met at AGE. billdoor/[GS]Seasonsend. you should probably contact him. As far as I know he was one of the most stand up guys at AGE. He probably still is. You should talk to him as he could give you more insight to exactly how the GS/GM team works and the level of professionalism to be had. Around the time I started this blog.. he was a GS. I don't know if he still is but he'll be able to better satisfy your questions. He knows about all the stuff that happened.