Saturday, January 7, 2012

Introducing [GS]Stalker

From the time I started this blog until now, I’ve had assistance from AGE employees and community volunteers. Well the few still willing to talk to me anyways. Without their assistance I wouldn't be able to provide the most accurate information.

Aware of everything I'd experienced as a result of horrible customer service, community volunteers who knew of my blog asked that I not post any gs leaks. I won't name any names yet, but I want to wish everyone at AGE, especially the community volunteers, a happy National Stalking Awareness Month.

In this post I provided a picture of a thread that at the time could be found in the Shaiya Community Volunteer section. You may wonder the relevance of that post considering the nature of this blog. The truth is I would've gotten around to making a post such as that eventually but decided to up the time frame because of a nationally observed event in the US.

While I'm certain most community volunteers will tell you they don't stalk other customers or that such threads and posts are justified, does it make what they do not stalking?

Again here’re the requirements for a Game Sage. And it goes without saying that anyone applying to be a game sage should want to help people or at least be able to fake that sentiment. I'm not trying to spread my perceived dislike for game sages to game sage applicants. Just speculating since AGE employees have been known to give game sage applicants access to private AGE forums where stalking does occur.

No one reading this has to take my word for it. If they’re curious they could submit a ticket, make a thread, or ask a current/past community volunteer. Although it's possible current community volunteers may say "that’s confidential information" and will refuse. Whether or not you believe stalking is supported by AGE is up to you. I make no attempt to persuade anyone of anything here. My intent is only to inform.

In a private forum somewhere at AGE, a community volunteer can create a thread about a specific player calling attention to them so other community volunteers and AGE employees can determine whether or not they're actually worth banning pretty much. Even if you could justify that, exactly what are game masters being paid for since they don't do all that their job entails?

Assuming you could justify those actions, and community volunteers were satisfied with the amount of AP they receive for their work, what happens when community volunteers use these tactics on other people for less than justifiable reasons? To be a community volunteer you have to be at least 16. Some 21 year olds can be described as immature or at a stages of development where they may not always be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Former Forum GameSage JonGhost was 23 and he was as immature as they came.

Going by the current Shaiya GS feedbackthread it makes one wonder where game masters found current game sages, the pillar of model players. Since at least one was previously banned, at least two have 'leaked' confidential information, a few have openly harassed other players, I imagine GMs are selecting from the same cesspool their employers hired from. 

That being said I'd love to give my support for Miaka_Vang. I’ve been absent from AGE for some time but one never forgets the honesty, good-natured, humor, kindness, and maturity Miaka has a seemingly infinite wealth of in every aspect of her game play. (It's looking a lot like Teos Light needs game sages...) 

Click here for more details about National Stalker Awareness Month


  1. I must say that this post is really interesting.

    I've been screwed by a GS in my time playing Eden Eternal. When I started to stop following her bidding. Yes, she's a female GS.

    Messed up my guild, and took like 60% of the members, and what's left in my guild are inactives or alts.

    It really bothers me that they take advantage of their authority, if ever there are any.

    I've also learned from this GS that she requested to ban a member of our guild coz of GS / GM impersonation, wherein there is no such proof whatsoever. Just word from that GS alone can put you in trouble.

  2. This is something I agree with.

    I know some (2) decent GS that actually do their jobs, however the new batches are annoying for me.

    I had a friend who was screwed over a couple of times because of a GS didn't like them. They permanently banned her account. I believe this all happened when she voiced her opinion on a certain GS who well seemed to have a lot of lackeys.

    I personal wanted to become a GS to actually help people, and help bring back the point of a GS but ever since the new batches...I kind of given up hope.