Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Think I Can Be a Game Sage

At Aeria Games & Entertainment there is a Community Volunteer program. Those accepted into the program are identifiable by a "Game Sage" tag under their usernames where ever their posts should appear on AGE forums. Here are the basic requirements to be a Community Volunteer.

I put a star next to the items that some game sages and other players might have said "why" to.
  • To create an AGE account you need to be 13 or lie and say you are at least 13. Why specifically do they want someone at least 16? I have a theory that it has to do with the age of consent in the US. But that's not a big deal. What I'm more concerned what AGE volunteers of age 16 and higher to do. 
  • I assume that when these criteria were composed, they meant the contribution was of a positive nature. But what exactly happens if the contribution isn't positive? No one that applies for the position of game sage is told in the application thread what happens if they fail or cannot always contribute positively. And since community volunteers are still supposedly customers at the end of the way, why should it be assumed that any game sage is only capable of providing a positive contribution to the community? 
  • Having a desire to expand and improve the community is not the same as being able to. At the end of the day the only thing they actually can do for any other customer part of the community is 'help them' which is what ever game sage claims is all they want to do. Well that's a lie. 
  • I wonder if every applicant ever wondered what additional requirements they will have to be meet to do any specific role in way of "helping people" or if they know just exactly what the method will be.
  • May or may not be on any watched of banned lists sounds like an ideal not a criteria since banned persons have been accepted into the Game Sage program. Looking up and down the list of current Shaiya Game Sages, there's at least one person that's been banned. That aside, I'm wondering about the 'watched' lists. Terms of Service goes over account termination/suspension/inactivation but says nothing of being on someone's watch list. And it's quite feasible that if you've been banned AGE would have to be able to track and record your behaviors. Or maybe you haven't been banned but are being watched. How would any player know if they are on a watched list? 

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