Monday, November 7, 2011

The Game Master Strikes Back

I submitted three complaints for harassment against a player. Not because I was attempting to flood flawed system in hopes of getting a response sooner but because he just wouldn’t stop. Create ticket, submit ticket, tweedle my thumbs while waiting, harassed again. Create a new ticket, submit ticket, tweedle my thumbs while waiting, harassed again. Create a new ticket, describe what now amounts to stalking, tweedle my thumbs while waiting, harassed again. Well, I guess he was right when he said nothing would happen if I reported him.

Since I was fed up with this person, and because Brian Lewis (superman0x) and ToS said I could I decided to use the forums as they were intended. Forum Games Sages weren't particularly happy so I made sure to link in my post where it said I could make such a thread and why. Because they were image heavy I had to make three threads, one for each incident. Two were deleted. Guess what happened in the third? A GM responded and the thread was locked. Let's see what a GM had to say. I took this to mean "I don't care what he does to you, just stop reporting." Well I took her at her word and stopped reporting. I stopped reporting him. I didn’t even bother to report other Game Sages who for reasons I’m not entirely sure decided to call me outside of my name. (I do believe MysticMaggie was the one to coin the phrase “GS basher”.)  Well in any case let’s pretend Jecca didn't say I would be banned for spamming because I chose to use the forums as they were meant to be used. Let's focus on the items she didn't catch as violations of terms of service.

Courtesy of former head Shaiya GM Ventsol we have this list of known Shaiya Abuses posted conveniently in the Shaiya Report Behavior section so as a former Shaiya player I didn't have to look far. unlike some AGE employees people who didn't look at all.  But what exactly is the punishment for favoritism?

Customer Support couldn't recognize at least three separate incidents of harassment or if they did, it was covered up; I'm pretty sure had I submitted a ticket for implied favoritism that too would be covered up or yet another example of how I misinterpreted an AGE employee. Oi vey.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the current Shaiya GM Team, the AGE Admin Team, and Brian Lewis. Some of these links would not have been possible had you honored my request in a BBB complaint. This is perhaps the only time I wanted AGE to do something and it paid off for them to blow me off.

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