Friday, November 4, 2011

Prelude to a Ticket

In my time with AGE, I've sent any number of tickets that may or may not have produced the response I wanted. That's not AGE at work, that's the world so I expect some bad with the good. It's not surprising then that on November 27th, I was shocked by the conflicting things I heard in regards to what AGE rules were versus what people believed to be right.

I was playing Shaiya, getting ready for GRB when I got into a heated argument with another player. Not just any player, a GS. A very annoying, whiny GS that started to say things that made me question his sanity just a tiny bit. I didn't think he was a crazy. I thought I knew him well enough to think he wouldn't ever need to stoop down low and say the sleaze bag things he was saying.

I didn't choose to send a ticket right away. Given the status of the player, I asked another GS I considered to be pretty stand up what I should do. All the talking we did amounted to a few lines of chat at best and I had a plan of action set in motion. Enter ForumGame Sage georgerav with his imaginary rules that didn't exist. "You cannot use Report Behavior Section if the person you want to report is a GS." Assuming he was right (he wasn't), if two game sages have varying opinions on a topic, which is right? Neither. It's guaranteed at least one of them cannot read.

Since there's at least one GS reading this so how about a tiny quiz since you are all familiar with Terms of Service. What does the very first paragraph say? Since some of you can't read (with comprehension) Aufklarer, let's pretend that the paragraph didn't exist. If you can search a webpage in your browser search for the words/phrase "game sage" and "gs". Excluding words that end in 'gs', you are not mentioned at all. You have as many rights as any other customer, which is to say you have none. You make an account, you choose to spend any money on a free service, you have fun, repeat, until you die or move on to a new service.

So assuming you did read Terms of Service and understood what you read, how would you explain the existence of the Report Behavior forums without ever learning about how they were to be used? Two of my favorite posts by the ever so eloquent Superman0x are this and this. Nowhere does it say you can't post in those forums if you have issue with what a game sage did. And yea, while I was peeved that georgerav technically did abuse his ability as a forum GS by deleting my threads, that's not the most shocking thing to happen that day. 

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