Monday, November 14, 2011

Technical Problem

On every page and after every post there is a tiny blank block for readers to leave a comment. Not many people comment but a lot of people send me emails which is fine; I wouldn't have supplied an email if I didn't want the feedback. 
There were two confused individuals that sent me rather ironic emails that I suppose is partly my fault. So to clear up some problems and eliminate certain kinds of emails, I'm going to explain a few things.

I am not employed by Aeria Games & Entertainment (AGE). This means:
I cannot respond to tickets, ban people you do not like, provide you with latest news updates in regards to Eden Eternal, explain why a promotion didn't work out for you, or do anything about the auction house/item bazaar. If you have a problem that stems from an AGE regulated medium please submit a ticket to AGE. Last time I checked, customer service representatives need anywhere from one hour to for ever to respond to a ticket.

I am an independent publisher. This means:
I am only responsible for content I make available to an audience. This includes but is not limited to the text, images, links, choice of graphics, design and layout of this blog. I intentionally used colors from an AGE website for all of the colors that appear in the background. 
And no, I was not aware that this could be interpreted as a copyright or impersonation problem since AGE cannot copyright a color and at no point in time do I claim to have been an AGE employee. Former customer yes. Employee never.

Other News:
I found that when you type ''aeria games customer service'' into Google, this blog comes up on the first page. With two public followers, about a dozen anonymous followers, a few +1, and at least 97 lurkers, I've decided to celebrate. And also make a few changes to stand out from AGE owned webpages. Tune in over the next two weeks to see the logo, new background, and a change of template. As soon as fans are ready to unveil their handiwork and talents.

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