Thursday, November 10, 2011

Section 12 - The Conspiracy

In The GM, the Ticket, & the System, I said there were three things that should’ve let me know I was being screwed. Now is as good a time as any to tell you the third thing. 

November 27th, my account was deactivated. I never received any notice. I did send a ticket relating to the matter, while using a different account to submit multiple tickets for harassment. I waited three days for this response:

After re-reading the ticket, analyzing it, and contemplating it's validity, I ended up with a ton of questions.
  1. What private information? Screenshots? Unless it makes a difference that the person in my screenshots at the time was a GS......
  2. Spamming? I made three threads. The first was about the incident. The second should've stayed as it provides links to AGE websites that said I was using the forums properly since Forum Game Sage georgerav hadn’t read ToS and was abusing his forum abilities.
  3. Harassing a Game Sage on the public forum? Maybe this was for Merkz, who did harass me on public forums. Did they think I was harassing Forum Game Sage georgerav? The dude that didn't read ToS?
  4. Threatening a Game Sage? Who did I threaten? When did I threaten them? 
  5.  Harassing other players? Bullshit. Game Sages are players, not special players or employees. I didn't harass anyone but if I did, why mention harassing and threatening a Game Sage Since this accusation sums up the previous ones?

The logical conclusion I came up with was there was a mistake. So I went along and submitted a Ban Appeal to 'appeal a ban'. I won't say how I responded cause you'll probably figure it out after this:

Grab your ToS and read the first three paragraphs of part12. First paragraph says you have no rights. Second paragraph says "AGE representatives will do what the employee decides as it’s their job to act as 'judge' regardless of how informed they are."  Third paragraph says "if the customer believes AGE is wrong, there's a chance nothing will be done. See paragraph 1." 

You could argue, "those are the terms you agreed to when creating an account, so you should've kissed a lot of ass to prevent this from happening." That line of thinking suggests customer service doesn't have to be fair because they are quite capable of being bribed which invalidates paragraph three. I wonder….

  • Assuming, I did the things the ticket says, why did the person I reported go unpunished?
  • What is the point of community volunteers if they are capable of terrorizing any player, not being punished for it, and pretty much given free rein to do it again?
  • What is the point of the Ban Appeal system if people responding to those tickets are the same people that put you in the position of needing to send one in the first place?

The answer to these questions is simple: it's a conspiracy. 

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