Monday, November 28, 2011

Notification of Poor Customer Service

Some at AGE have shown their disgust towards items I have posted and vocalized those opinions with threats, warnings, and terminations of friendship. When I made this blog I knew I wouldn't gain any brownie points with any at AGE. I could care less about what some of you think especially since in spite of your open hostility towards me you continue to read the content I provide. I find that quite laughable but expected since less than a quarter of correspondences I've received over the past two days were in regards to things I posted about a Shaiya Game Sage.

I'll reiterate the sentiment that if a problem has arisen because of an AGE service, you should send a ticket. Of all people Game Sages should be very knowledgeable about the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy they agreed to when they created an account. Again, let me quote Superman0x: 

I'm certain someone will say don't quote the privacy policy as if that justifies what you did. I posted those items because I was legally allowed to and to prove how unjust the people charged with enforcing terms of service really are. I was harassed, stalked, persons (including game sages) facilitated further harassment of me on and off AGE regulated mediums and not a thing was done. Wait. I was told to "read the privacy policy." What's really sad is many of you that voiced your disgust towards me in your private forums and your instant messengers knew some of the things happening, even participated, and you have the gall to criticize me. Thank you for proving to anyone who reads this just exactly how the Game Sage team operates. Thank you Game Masters for showing a blatant disregard for terms of service yet again.

Today I received messages regarding the source of my information that comes from AGE private forums. I want those at AGE to know that if they want to contact me, I have provided contact information. There's no need to interrogate my acquaintances. If you're worried about whether or not I will keep emails private, consider this: if people willing supply me with confidential information, do you think they also haven't provided me with information regarding correspondences on meebo, YIM, etc. Just because I haven't posted such information doesn't mean I don't have it. Just ask [GS]PraxiaDiealot. Or ask [GS]Nyx why she believes anything she says to [GS]PraxiaDiealot won't end up in a private message.

If that knowledge doesn't sit well with you then see what Superman0x had to say on that topic. Again I encourage no I implore you to submit a ticket to Superman0x asking what AGE's policy is regarding leaks of confidential information. Ask him what AGE can do if confidential information ends up on a source that AGE can't monitor. Maybe you don't want to talk to him. Ask GM Bella what her stance on the issue is. Ask her what she did to resolve a confidential leak. 

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Take care and have a nice day!
Team Tula


  1. The hilarious thing is, no one actually gives a shit.

    Just another disgruntled player trying to attention whore, see them everywhere.

    You're nothing special, but please continue these blog posts, they're amusing.

  2. Former disgruntled player.* I've got too much pride to still use their services. And even if I didn't, after what I've posted thus far, do you really think I wouldn't be banned in an instant?

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  4. GMs don't always spend all their time doing support for one game. Vector was a Dynasty GM at one point. if there's something faulty with at least one GM for a game then there's a chance their could be faulty GMs at other cause throughout Aeria. And if you read her other post, I don't think she'll single out one GS. /my 2 cent

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