Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things AGE Told Me

As I've moved on to other gaming services I still feel a certain type of anger, rage, dread and hostility whenever the phrase Aeria Games & Entertainment crosses my mind. I'll tell you why soon as I arm you with knowledge I had when I made an AGE account.

There is a Terms of Service found here. The very first paragraph loosely translates to "You as a customer are subject to these terms and conditions found on this page and all officially associated pages." Which is to say, in order to use the service you must acknowledge that the company has a ton of rules located on any number of pages besides the Terms of Service.

Let's skip around and cover what I find to be the important parts of their Terms of Service. Part 1 is the legal agreement that tells you you're responsible for knowing about the policies and are of sufficient age to understand the policies. Part 4 covers their privacy policy. Part 5 is a lot of legal jargon that describes their DRM policy. Part 6 goes over the kinds of things you are able to do with the services. Part 7 is a long list of offenses AGE claims to not tolerate. Part 12 tells you that at any time AGE can do anything they want with your account for any reason. Part 17 describes their procedures for dispute resolution.

Picture this: you go to a restaurant for a romantic evening, you are a customer and your waiter is an employee that serves you food. The waiter is the first line of customer service. Do you expect them to know how to prepare the food they are serving you? Not always. As a previous AGE customer did I expect customer support to know every inch of the "website" and all of its rules? Since they're the people that can enforce Part 12 of Terms of Service, yes. You can't enforce something if you don't know it. Which is my roundabout way of saying AGE's Game Masters never took a bar exam or never bothered to read the very first paragraph of Terms of Service. 

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