Saturday, November 19, 2011

Terms of Service

I haven't posted these past few days because I was eye ball deep in legal stuff to make sure I wasn't violating someone's terms of service by publishing certain things. That and Thanksgiving is literally around the corner.

Anyhoo, I left off telling you all how I was screwed over by AGE customer service. That happened almost a year ago so if you've been wondering why I would blog about something that happened a year ago, the simple truth is: the harassment didn't stop and as far as I'm concerned AGE facilitated further harassment as well as defamation of my character. 

I was harassed and my character slandered by at least four different current game sages. In public and in private. I've had AGE customers question me about rumors they'd heard or been told by a game sage. I was made aware of posts pertaining to me in a private AGE forum limited to game sages, age employees and administration. Looking back on it now, and everything that's happened to me right up to me launching this blog, I've been accussed of acting like a child hell bent on revenge. 

I did what I could to quell rumors circulating about me. I can imagine that for some people my word means nothing and that's fine. In regards to private AGE forums, AGE is aware of the problem. They've been notified about that problem multiple times by me and some other game sages. (When I started this blog I promised a current AGE community volunteer I would not post recent leaks from those private forums. I'm a woman of my word. Fortunately my word does not include the private conversations between known AGE affiliates. And I don't think my word should include any "confidential information leaks" that were given to me by persons without proper clearance to access it.) As for revenge.... there is nothing I can do to the AGE Customer service representatives that failed to do their job. As for game sages that harassed me...  according to the US Department of Labor, they are customers the same way I was. At the same time there is very little I can do legally to make them endure the same degree of fear and harassment I've had to deal with these past few months. But thanks to Superman0x, the AGE privacy policy, Google's terms of service, BBB's terms of service, and Photo Bucket's terms of service I think I can at the very least given them some idea. 

~ TulaOvilo

In the words of Superman0x:

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