Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Where's Game Sage Devol

The family that plays together stays together

Before I left AGE, I received a private message from Shaiya GameSage MysticMaggie (aka GS Devol). She explained to me why it was ok to refer to me as a "GS Basher" on AGE public forums. Apparently, she didn't agree with my methods of handling a situation that involved posting a thread. Since she lives in Hartsville, South Carolina, with a husband (GameSage SirEric) and their children, I'll assume she practices far reaching mysticism that enabled her to see exactly what I was experiencing on my end of a computer screen. 

Being called a GS Basher is a tad nice compared to the things I've been called by other game sages, so I give her a 10 for originality. I have no idea if she's good at being a game sage, since aside from her name calling on SB and the message(s) she sent me I know nothing about her. I can say the same about other game sages that have gone out of their way to harass and ridicule me in public and private AGE forums. So if I seem to have a dislike for her it's because that's all she's shown me.

If anyone asks, I'm writing this post because it's yet another negative experience I had with a GS after filing multiple tickets where a GS harassed me. And then there's that this is another example of "GS Gone bad in public no less and even if I sent a ticket most likely nothing would've been done. And GS Devol knows why:

I guess being a parent to multiple kids and having a truck driver for a husband, she's used to making rules and having things her way. She fits in quite well with the Game Masters she caters to who don't read terms of service and make up rules as though go banning or not banning players. 

Let's assume she's not one a GS that's so desperate for free AP that she'll do anything. Does that mean she's a good GS? Not necessarily. No matter how helpful she strives to be, at the end of the day, the most she can ever do is be up to date with the forums and the terms of service.

She can't do a damn thing if someone harasses you except tell you to file a ticket. She can't do a damn thing for you if you've filed multiple tickets and customer service won't do anything. In fact even if she tries to help and someone finds out, a game master could say "you had a peak at private information, I'm detagging you." But being a GS is more than that. It's about talking to other GSes and seeing what we as a group can do to improve the community for other players. Until US labor laws change or AGE relocates to another country, all they can do is make suggestions, put them in front of a game master, and hope they’re implemented.

This post was brought to us today by AGE's privacy policy and Photobucket's privacy policy. According to AGE, anything you post publicly on their forums you do so at your own risk and AGE cannot be liable for how that information is used. Photobucket says, you can upload any content that doesn't violate our terms of service, but be mindful that people can access that content if it's in a public folder. Depending on who you ask, it's illegal to use any such content maliciously. Like using it to locate a person's exact address and then posting that information in a public place. And it's a bit of a gray area if you threaen or target someone's kids.

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