Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Service Interruption - A Disgruntled Gamer

Sometimes I want to foreshadow posts to come. Such posts will contain 'Service Interruption" in the title.

I’m not a disgruntled player that spent hundreds of dollars on a game and was banned for hacking. I was never a disgruntled player. I never spent hundreds of dollars on AGE services. I was never banned for hacking. You can ask some game sages why I was banned and you'll be told I was banned for "technicalities,"  "harassing a game sage" and in some cases because a game sage tried to help me. If you want to ask a Game Master send a ticket but be mindful AGE's privacy policy says they are not allowed to divulge information pertaining to another customer's account so they shouldn't provide you with that information.

In a few posts I revealed that at least two accounts I created for the purposes of using AGE services were banned. Normally if you're banned and don't know why, you can ask a Game Sage how to find out if you're banned. They will tell you to check the email associated with the account. What they should tell you is that AGE normally sends out a notification of ban (‘ban notice’) and that if you were banned, according to section 12 of the terms of service AGE doesn't have to notify you. Just ask any Game Sage that was ever banned. I know it’s a requirement that game sage applicants should not be on a banned or watch list. This does not mean that a Game Sage has never been banned. Just ask any AGE community volunteer. I can think of five that come to mind for Shaiya (one is a current GS), and one for Last Chaos (de-tagged). Perhaps AGE should welcome all applicants regardless of whether or not they've been banned. Someone that's been banned would be more helpful about the process of filing a ban appeal and will be able to tell you that sending a ban appeal will not guarantee you will be unbanned since the people responding to your ban appeals are the ones that put you in the position to file such a ticket in the first place.

The purpose of this blog is not an attempt to get an account back. This blog was started because I wanted people to know what happened to me. And I wanted the very people that in some way participated in events leading up to every awful thing that resulted in my negative experience at AGE to understand just exactly what kind of company they are associating with and how their actions affect others.

I've proven customer service representatives don't know what harassment is and I'm long passed the point where I point out I made accounts months before any banning occurred. Not only do they lack complete understanding of common words in the English language but their math sucks. The only account I made during the period where I was "making accounts to harass other customers" was when I made an account to submit a ticket in the hopes that it would be taken seriously because my others weren't.

Within the confines of the law, AGE's Terms of Service, AGE's Privacy Policy, I have done everything within my power to maintain any degree of safety and sanity which of late has been sorely tested by persons affiliated with AGE. I have long since passed the point where I want justice. I am only after telling everyone the truth as I know it to be. Allow me to present the Players on the board:

Superman0X - Community Manager
GM Bella - Shaiya Game Master charged with "managing" the Shaiya Game Sage Team
Forum Game Sage georgerav - never finished reading terms of service
Forum Game Sage JonGhost - immature for his 23 years
Shaiya Game Sage SailorSpira - liar, leak, friend and foe
Shaiya Game Sage mysticmaggie - someone that has experienced a little of what I did
Shaiya Game Sage Aufklarer - her tags serve as a "I can say and do whatever I want" card
Shaiya Game Sage pask81 - one of the most deserving of all the game sages
Shaiya Game Sage billdoor - one of the last good guys probably throughout AGE
Avyn - especially craft and handsome

I am not a disgruntled gamer. I am a person that was victimized multiple times over a year by AGE as a result of its employees, community volunteers, and the company's practices. Let the games posts resume.


  1. All these threads are is little more than a QQ about a ban. Get over it. Seriously!

    Your obsession over this isn't healthy. For you or anyone else. The advice has been given, so either take it or don't take it. Either way, stfu about it.

  2. Chupa, my blog doesn't amount to any significant portion of content on the internet. If you don't like the content don't read it. Or if you don't like it but for some reason can't look away like half the Shaiya GS Team and some of the Game Masters, then lurk in silence.

  3. At least this time you're not calling me out in-game for trolling your forums. Good job!

  4. @ Avyn, i got around to fixing it for you :)