Sunday, November 6, 2011

The GM, the Ticket & the System

After that squabble with georgerav who I'm sure believes was doing his job, three mind blowing events occurred that should've told me Stop! I'm being screwed. The first two events disappointed me greatly. The third is something that took a few days to fully wrap my ahead around and you could say triggered so many other things that I can’t talk about it in this post.

The first sign something was amiss was when a GM friend requested me so we could talk on meebo.  GM Failure told me harassment cannot occur in a private chat, that there was nothing that would be done except that she’d launch an investigation as she was responsible for the GS team. She assured me I wouldn't have any further problems with the person because she would 'deal with it'. As soon as I stopped freaking out because I'm pretty sure that's not what should happen, I exited the browser. I was too angry to try and figure it out.

Thanksgiving turkey leftovers later, I felt sane enough to send a ticket. The first thing that happened when I signed on was I got a message via meebo from guess who? Sure GM Failure said she'd do something and failed obviously. But that wasn't nearly as mind blowing as this person having the audacity to message me at all and to have the balls to tell me what is and isn't wrong.  I definitely had enough to send in at least one ticket. I'm pattering away uploading screenshots to Photobucket, inserting all the necessary details, debating whether or not I should mention georgerav, decide not to, click submit, and what happens? I am unauthorized to access that page.

I tried re-logging and was denied. Could I have been banned? I checked my email. No notice. Technically, I didn't need a notice of account suspension to have had it suspended according to terms of service. I did have other accounts so I logged on to one of those to send tickets. Over the next three days, I sent in three tickets for this one player for multiple instances of harassment. Each time the response was the same:

Anyone that has ever been a consumer of online services should know as long as you have an internet connection you will never be at a loss to find what the services entail. If you are an AGE customer please read Terms of Service Section 7 and the Play Nice Policies for the game you play. Under no circumstances is harassment tolerated. I submitted two tickets for harassment of varying degrees and I am told the situation is ‘being dealt with’. The first time you said you would deal with it and you didn’t. The second time you said you would deal with it you didn’t. I didn't care if the account was banned. I wanted you to do what ToS said you would do especially since your way wasn't working too well.

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