Saturday, November 26, 2011

Public and Private

To clear up some questions I’ve received…..

How do you know what MysticMaggie / GS Devol  looks like?
I know mysticmaggie's profile has changed such that it no longer states her location or pictures of her and her family. Up until sometime yesterday it did.  AGE’s Privacy Policy says that if anyone uses information she posts in a way she doesn’t like, it’s her fault for posting it. Photobucket’s Terms of Service says there’s nothing they can do about how pictures she made public accessible are used.

How do you know she's married to another GS?
mysticmaggie has said this multiple times on the forums and in game. Yes her husband (SirEric) is a truck driver. I have no idea how they met.

Isn't that stalking
It's not stalking to post publicly available information.  However, if I find other publicly accessible information in an attempt to get a more precise geographic location and publicly post that... that is  stalking and harassment. Anyways look at what I found

How do you know what her photobucket is?
Aeria Games & Entertainment. You don’t have to be logged in to search for posts by mysticmaggie. You don’t have to dig through hundreds of posts to find one that contains a link to a photobucket account. It is quite tedious though to constantly click on them and hope it’s hers. It was easier to click on her AGE profile, move your cursor over a picture of her and see what the status bar says.

I can't access her photobucket, how did you?
At one time her photobucket was not password protected. Because of the internet browser I use (firefox), and because I am a photobucket customer, I decided to acquire publicly available pictures she posted. In theory I should not be able to access any future pictures she uploads to that album, but I will always have access to previous ones. She could delete every picture in that album and it won’t change the fact that I downloaded or copied those images.

Will I post other pictures?
From mysticmaggie's photobucket? Maybe.

Why would I Do All of This?
Because I can. There’s probably a better reason that’ll reveal itself in time but for now, that answer will suffice.

To mysticmaggie:
I wish I could sincerely say sorry. You felt some degree of discomfort that you went out of your way to change your AGE profile and the settings on your photobucket album. I think it's quite fitting to know that the same rules that prevented AGE from helping me also apply to you. If it makes you feel better, you won't be the only person that gets such special treatment. 

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