Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Saturday November 27, 2010 around 3:15 PM the account hybridchic was deactivated while reporting a game sage for harassment, stalking, and other offensives. The most punishment he received was the loss of his tags though he continued to harass me.

About a month ago, around the time I decided to launch this blog, I announced to friends that I was done with AGE. Even after launching the blog and to this day I still maintain some contact with any number of AGE affiliated persons in spite of all that has happened to me as a result of AGE's poor customer service. Within the past day I've received around 120 correspondences. Only 12 pertained to the two posts I published about mysticmaggie.

If you have a problem with what I have posted, I'd like for you to read some of my older posts, especially the one about various Terms of Services. At least two people have made it clear that I have done something unacceptable in the extreme. When I created this blog, I did not do so with the intent to hurt anyone in any way; least of all in any way like I have been hurt as a result of AGE. If you firmly believe I have posted anything criminal perhaps you should read some of the other content.

It's Sunday, November 27, 2011.  At 12:10 in the afternoon, one of my active accounts was banned permanently for harassment because a certain person with access to private AGE forums made a post about one of my latest blog entries and there have been posts about how game sages could better safeguard their screenshots. I cringe when I think about how GS/GM/Admin prioritize things given the kinds of things that were said in a private forum and the correspondences I receive. Without further adieu:

I haven't used an AGE service with any account in quite some time, so how did I harass anyone? More importantly, why are you banning people for things they do on a medium you cannot control? You'd think that after all the complaints, Brian Lewis would've told Customer Service reps to follow terms of service.

I was banned for 'harassment', a user conduct violation. Section 12 says that you can ban a a person for user violations using whatever means you believe are necessary at your sole discretion. I haven't used an AGE service so I couldn't have committed a user violation. Oh I get it. A GS became worried because I published information she'd already made publicly available on the internet. That sounds like something I read in AGE's Privacy Policy.......

You wanna know something ironic? The terms of service mysticmaggie agreed to couldn't protect her so she(un)knowingly acquired the help of the people that are supposed to enforce it... I wonder if people think that banning an account of mine will make the post disappear. I did make a Comment page that details how to contact me and I do respond to them and address issues in as just a manner as possible.

Today is Sunday November 27, 2010 and I am celebrating one year of horrible AGE Customer Service. All this week there will be a great deal of surprises in store including the new design and template I've been waiting for, new story lines and awesome pictures.

If you're wondering if I knew AGE would ban an account of mine today as a result of something I posted on a medium they don't regulate, please send a ticket to AGE asking them about their policy regarding third party sources. Or just ask a Shaiya GS about [GS]baylani or [GS]PraxiaDiealot.

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