Monday, January 9, 2012

Service Interruption: Foreshadows & Conspiracies

I'd like to report a player for harassment. He has done nothing but curse me out and call me a hacker because I killed him in PvE. I've blocked him as a GS suggested but now he KSes me non stop and continuously attempts to transact me.

Dear Player

We thank you for your report and apologize for any inconvenience due to unsavory characters. Unfortunately we cannot do anything because we are much too busy reading this blog and being manipulated by community volunteers who want us to ban accounts for their actions on Google's blog service.

- Team Aeria

What... the....
You can't do something about a player stalking me because you're harassing someone because of something they post using Google services!?!?!

I was prepared to make a GM Failure post but I checked my email and found two interesting things. The first was from a game sage applicant who happened upon my blog through a google search and the second was a notification from Aeria Games that I somehow overlooked.

To address the game sage applicant:
The reason you cannot see private forums is because you do not have proper clearance. I can in no way guarantee you become a game sage. I cannot tell you how much AP you will earn since that depends on how much work you do per month. I am not romantically involved with any game sages or AGE employees. Lastly I do not make any of this stuff up.

With that's out of the way I'd like say a few things about my standing in the AGE community. I have no standing within the AGE community. I don't post on AGE forums, I don't use AGE services except to submit tickets about continued disregard of their Terms of Service in an attempt to reprimand me for this blog.

About a year ago I unknowingly received a ban when I reported a game sage for harassment multiple times and finally for stalking. I am inclined to believe I was banned because the person I reported was a game sage. I have no concrete evidence to support that belief. But at the very least I have reason to believe that AGE's customer service representatives are either incompetent or unable to uphold the Terms of Services every customer agrees to when creating an AGE account.

In the past few months though I've left AGE, I have continued to receive notifications from AGE. Apparently when I left AGE I still had active accounts. As of right now all but four of them were banned as a result of less than professional AGE employees being manipulated by community volunteers who are upset over items I post on a medium AGE cannot control. Game Masters feel they should do something, anything at all to somehow placate those community volunteers who failed to read the terms of service and or the privacy policy for comprehension. Or maybe they did read it for comprehension and still failed to completely understand it. Mum's the word.

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