Sunday, January 15, 2012

GM Failure - The Time is Near


I'd like to submit a ban appeal please. I received a notice of ban for harassment but I have no idea how I could have possibly harassed anyone by reporting another player.

We're sorry to inform you that your ban will not be over turned. it is your responsibility to have read the Terms of Service. Section 12 says you give Aeria Games & Entertainment sole discretion in banning your accounts so....

Take care and have anice day!
-- Team Aeria

You can't be serious

It dawned on me that I have yet to reveal exactly why one of my accounts was permanently banned. Part of the reason I've held off on that is because I had to dig around for all of my old tickets regarding that matter and another reason is because it pains me to recall the rumors that resulted about why I was banned. So tomorrow, I'll rectify that little slip up and also satisfy the curious natures of Feldegast's and others who've emailed these past few days. (Hint: Today's GM Failure is actually similar to some of the emails between myself and AGE)

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