Saturday, January 14, 2012

Expect the Unexpected... At AGE

I'm looking at the players that I cast and realized we’re still short. For the purposes of this post, I’m removing mysticmaggie and adding JonGhost and SailorSpira to the cast. 

After reading that message I was through with AGE. I couldn't possibly imagine how I managed to harass someone this time. Yet I was curious so I did submit a ticket.

If you want to visit the link provided that's fine, but please note that my ban was changed from permanent to temporary. Not that it mattered since I stopped using AGE services.

Here's the link AGE provided. Yes I know my posts were deleted but thankfully Snowdewy quoted me. Small miracles. By the time I received this email I had  decided two things: 1) the person responding was violating the privacy policy I agreed to when I created an AGE account, and 2) that I could walk away from AGE without a single bit of regret.

A short while after receiving that email, I received an email containing a link to this pretty image:

I wasn't angry about what SailorSpira had to say about me. I was shocked that the person sending me the link to that image was able to tell me why I was banned and knew because they had access to the AGE's private forums and he wasn't a game sage or an AGE employee. So much for AGE's privacy policy and all that legal jargon about information pertaining to a customer's account is between the customer and the company. 

Enter JonGhost, who started that wonderful conversation because he was having a temper tantrum about the items I posted. In retrospect I am not upset JonGhost started that particular topic about me because of my posts since AGE encouraged and gave him a means to do so. What I am bothered most by was that someone as immature as to lock a thread, unlock it so he could politely reprimand me displayed a level of immaturity that I now use to describe AGE employees choosing game sages. 

Shortly after receiving a link to that wonderful picture detailing SailorSpira's wonderful acting skills, because I had been banned from AGE services I decided to contact an acquaintance who happened to be a game sage: billdoor. The picture of home grown honesty and trust, he took great offense to my showing him that picture as it came from private forums and undermined the trust that should exist amongst him and him, his team mates, and AGE employees. For all of his efforts and hard work, I later received this email:

In the grand scheme of things I suppose that was a expected response seeings how I had previously been banned for harassment when I reported a Shaiya game sage for stalking and harassment. I also wasn't shocked to find out that two of the roommates I lived with at the time and a friend who lived less than five minutes away but did make an account with AGE at my place were banned during that massive IP ban. I hope no one else on my university campus was banned though that would be funny. 

There are several points I wanted to get across with this post:

1. No system is perfect and AGE's ticket system is far from perfect since the customer service representatives either don't know what terms of service says or they like to add made up rules to it as they go along. Unless of course someone sees where it says "reporting a confidential information leak is a bannable offense"
2. Game Sages are appointed in the hopes that they can help a community. The road to Hell was paved in good intentions. There are any number of honest, dedicated, friendly, and fairly knowledgeable community volunteers at AGE. At the end of the day any good they stand to do will always be countered by the stupidity of AGE's customer service. 

Dear Feldegast, I hope you were happy with this post. I included at least one gs leak, some tickets and I spoke highly of at least one game sage. I'm working on making tomorrow's equally satisfying. Also I apologize for the delay. To make it up to you here's a pretty picture:

And here's that link again.

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