Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Show Must Go On

Since a lot of visitors play Eden Eternal and have their own opinions about AGE's customer service, I decided to do an experiment.

Here is a copy of a ticket I sent to Eden Eternal Game Masters because previously when I sent it to Shaiya Game Masters they did not respond at all. I waited two, three, four, five days and still no response. I could've forwarded the ticket I suppose but that would've been problematic. You see most current Shaiya Game Sages want nothing to do with me either because they're upset that mysticmaggie's photobucket was made available to the public or because of the screenshots I've been sent over the past year (from private forums), or because they don't like what I post. But there are a few Shaiya Game Sages who keep in contact with me and probably don't want to be de-tagged as a result of the perceived notion that they have provided me with private information.

Because of that little predicament I submitted a new ticket a few days ago to Eden Eternal game masters. Less than two days and I received a response. Nothing too flashy or spectacular though for a change I received a response recently that sounded sincere even though it wasn't particularly helpful.

So in honor of the two or three game masters who I've had the pleasure of dealing with recently, I'd like to say sorry if this blog makes you look bad because my opinion of AGE customer service representatives has been tainted by the majority of other game masters that have no idea what good customer service is.

And then I'd like to say sorry to the twenty odd number community volunteers who have contacted me in regards to my blog and expressed the sentiment that "just because the Shaiya GS team is mismanaged doesn't mean other game sages are like that." Since I will proudly say there's at least four Shaiya game sages out there who have gone out of their way to help me at the expense of time it takes from them, it's a sentiment I can embrace.

So in a way I suppose Feldegast was right. And I will rectify that guffaw of mine starting tomorrow.

While I've said many times that not all of my experiences with AGE customer service representatives was less than satisfactory, I have come off as belligerent and biased in the extreme towards the majority of Shaiya game sages. I apologize for that misunderstanding and for letting the impact of the negative interactions I've had with 5-7 of them permeate throughout this blog. On that note, it's time to go back to that list of players I drew up some time ago….. Oh dear. We don't seem to have enough players.... Whatever shall we do??? Get more! Duh!

I'd like to play billdoor and [GM]Bella in attack mode, mysticmaggie in defense mode, and lay down one trap card to end my turn! Because this wouldn't be any fun obviously if this were the perfect image of a positive experience with Aeria Games & Entertainment.


  1. Ah. Comments not wanted? You disappoint me.

  2. I see I must have hit too many home truths as you chose to censor away my comment of today even when it was to the point, on the issue and in support of your fight against stalkers and against injustices done to you. That I was questioning your methods and offering guidance on how to attract sympathy among a wider audience was obviously too much to digest or make public. I thought you had more backbone than this. Oh well. The truth will emerge.

  3. On the contrary I do encourage comments so long as they are in line with the comment policy, which was written with people like you in mind.

    In any case, I didn't completely censor your comments, just temporarily removed them. I'll eventually get around to making them public sometime next week. The next few posts are written with the comments you submitted in mind, so you'll have to be content with that.