Sunday, January 8, 2012

AGE Stalked Me!

These are user violations listed on AGE's terms of service. I've proved in earlier posts that AGE doesn't know what stalking and harassment is or if they do, customer service representatives aren't hired for their understanding of those offenses. Since AGE's located in California here's a description of what California says stalking is.

Recently I submitted a BBB Complaint against AGE for encouraging stalking. While I was an AGE customer I received images of posts located in private AGE forums. The authors of the posts are still active members in the AGE community and as a matter of fact, two are recognized as community volunteers.

Normally if AGE finds that a user did commit an act that did violate their terms of service the user is punished (usually a ban). If you want to know why those two individuals amongst others were allowed to be community volunteers the answer is that as a community volunteer stalking and harassing other customers is part of their job description. Let's see what Brian Lewis had to say in response to my BBB complaint.

I hope you still have your terms of service handy. Nowhere does it say other customers will discuss your actions with employees. And since any matter that would be deemed appropriate for AGE private forums could result in action taken against your account, I also saw this as a violation of their privacy policy since the status of a customer's account is no longer just between the customer and AGE but AGE and community volunteers who are supposedly normal players an no different from any other AGE customer.....

Now I have no desire to have any account of mine unbanned so this isn't a "AGE banned me for no reason post." This is a post to show you that AGE supports stalking if it is done by a community volunteer and it occurs over a medium AGE employees can monitor. If you recall, some of the people engaging in these discussions aren't old enough to vote or drink and possibly have no understanding of the law that governs the region where they live.

A portrait of stalking
So we have a player name in the title of the thread and a subtitle to tell viewers what the intent is.  I wonder if there's any way to take into account if the author of such a thread would have any reason to dislike a person and so the thread is made out of biased with the intent of getting someone banned without submitting a ticket and providing other prominent figures in the community a reason to not like the person. I'm still wondering why community volunteers who do so much good and appear to have a hands on experience with keeping AGE communities together aren't at all mentioned in the terms of service.

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