Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Service Interruption: Updates & Myths

Reader Comments/Questions/Requests

  • the poll has been added to the blog so now you don't have to go to a particular post to cast your vote
  • being a follower is not the same as being a subscriber
  • I am not an Aeria Games employee. I apologize to AGE customers in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. I appreciate the emails, and the subscriptions and the various offers but I cannot help you under any circumstance
  • yes, the layout and background will change. Soon. I'm sorry for the delay
  • yes, I am going on a mini-vacation starting Thursday night. Yes, there will be new posts during my vacation. All posts will be in some way relevant to the blog but may be less informative
  • I have no idea when SailorSpira will officially leave the AGE community volunteer program, and if she does leave I will not go out of my way to determine why.
  • under one condition will I ever consider editing/modifying posts about mysticmaggie.That condition hasn't been met. For all inquiries regarding this matter please refer to the Comment Policy.
  • the posts about SailorSpira will never be changed. Please refer to AGE's Privacy Policy
  • I am not married to Superman0x. I was never married to Superman0x. As far as I know I am not related to Superman0x. This blog is not in response to our supposed bitter divorce. 
  • I was never banned as a result of attempting to justify that my first account was "unjustly" banned
  • I will most likely never blog about a player's experience if they were banned for hacking. I am sorry to all of you who represent Eden Eternal. My advice is to submit a BBB complaint and an FTC complaint. You should probably play a  game not provided by Aeria Games. 
  • Yes, I am aware this blog appears on the first page of google if you type in "aeria games customer service," "aeria game aufklarer," "aeria game sailorspira," and some others. Yes I know this is good news to some. No I did not plan for that to happen
  • yes, I laugh very hard while I envision game masters banning any account that looks like mine to appease game sages who are pissed about this blog. I laugh harder because it gives me more content to post
  • I laugh harder when I receive emails that threaten me with legal action. I should start telling those people to send a ticket to Superman0x.....
  • I laugh hardest when I receive emails that blame me for why game sages are losing tags
  • I was not aware of the impact my blog would have on persons associated with AGE. Nor do I care. If you feel you've had a negative experience with AGE as a result of this blog, your problem is with AGE not me
  • I was never an AGE community volunteer
  • I never dated an AGE employee/community volunteer
  • I was not aware I should've been banned for being stupid
  • yes, I believe rules were made to be broken but I assure you I haven't broken any as a result of the current content on this site

What to Expect 

Recently I've had various emails about being more involved with the audience. So since yesterday I've sent emails to various people who have ever contacted me about this blog and asked if they'd be interested in being more involved. Of the 80 emails I sent  regarding that matter I received 92 emails. I'm not sure if people shared the email with others or if I hinted at this in the past and people are emailing me in response to hints. Whatever the case, tomorrow I will publish a post that asks 3-5 questions with answers supplied by readers. If there is a question you'd like to see answered you will need to either email me or leave a comment detailing what the question is.

The questionnaire had 58 questions. I might post the questions. I make no promises. 

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