Sunday, December 11, 2011

Interview With a Gamer II

For this series of questions, the answers posted weren't chosen completely at random. The answer to the first question could've been provided by anyone that visits this site. The answers to the second and third question were provided by anyone that said 'yes' to the first question. Demographics for the fourth question are under the question. To keep this as simple and painless as possible, I will provide some stats.

Have you ever used AGE's ticket system
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • yep
  • a few times
Of 92 responses 26 said no. (40 of the people given the questionnaire were gamers who  never used AGE products/services)

Have you ever been worried about sending a ticket
  • depends on the ticket
  • yes
  • no
  • maybe
  • no
Of the 26 readers who sent a ticket only 7 were ever 'wary,' 'worried,' or experienced some form of agitation or anxiety over sending a ticket.

Do you believe any AGE employee responding to a ticket does so in a manner that any other AGE employee would?
  • not always. I don't expect a Eden Eternal gm to know enough about Shaiya to answer some questions. If somebody has a name that gets filtered by any age medium, then yea i expect every employee to act accordingly and rename the person.
  • they should
  • maybe
  • anytime i sent a ticket they all sound the same so yes.
  • no
Of the 26 people who sent a ticket 3 people responded with a simple 'yes' or 'no'. This seemed to be a 'gray question.'

What is your opinion of the ban appeal process?
  • it's a load of crap
  • Submitting a ban appeal gives you the chance to have a ban appealed. Depending on the ban it might be appealed but at the same time it depends on who is reading your ticket and whether or not they know anything about you.
  • Everybody says this in shoutbox and the forums but it never works
  • i never had to send one
  • it's useful because players who were banned for no reason can become unbanned if they truly are innocent

The first answer was randomly selected from those who indicated they were a current/past AGE customer who'd been banned and had submitted a ban appeal. The second answer option was randomly selected from those who had indicated they were past/current AGE community volunteers. The third answer was randomly selected from a past/current age customer that had never been banned. The fourth answer was randomly selected from past/current age customers who had been banned but never used AGE's ticket system. The fifth answer was randomly selected from gamers who' d never used age products/services but had visited an age regulated website.

Deluded, demented, possibly psychotic person that I am, I decided it would be an interesting experiment to let readers know ahead of time what some people that visit this site think in regards to AGE. I didn't think the funky glasses were enough so to feel even more special I wanted to be the one to make some people aware of some AGE's practices. All of this is from my perspective of course.

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